Sometimes socks are undervalued as essential winter clothing, when in fact they are a fundamental part of the wardrobe at that time. It doesn't matter if you have your whole body covered with clothes and coats, if your feet are cold you won't manage to keep warm or be completely comfortable.

Even if they are not visible all the time, socks protect us from the cold, which improves blood circulation. They also absorb moisture, and protect and condition our feet to winter footwear, such as boots, which are usually made of rigid materials to withstand low temperatures.

For this reason choosing the right sock is very important, especially if you will be in contact with snow. Therefore, we show you some tips you should take into account when choosing your socks.

The type of material is important. Remember to buy wool socks. This is one of the best materials for making winter socks because it helps to conserve heat and avoid humidity if you are going to be in the snow. You can find special winter socks on the market that are made with polar lining or fleece and are a good substitute for wool. Synthetic materials such as microfiber and polyester offer resistance and comfort.

Height. In winter you should wear socks that cover more than the heel. This way when you wear boots your feet will be completely covered and there will be no room for cold air to leak into the boot. Keep in mind that short socks do not protect against the rubbing of high and medium boots.

Correct size. If the socks are too small, they squeeze the veins and restrict circulation and normal foot movement, so they will be very uncomfortable. If, on the other hand, your socks are too loose, they will shift when you walk and allow air to leak out.

Soft internal seams. Socks have internal seams that, if they are not in the right place, cause rubbing, blisters and discomfort when walking. When you buy socks, be sure to check that the seam is soft or has no seams.

Design and comfort. Socks are the clothes that show your personality and style when you dress. During winter, select attractive colors and designs that match your shoes. If you like geometric designs you can wear them with neutral or black boots.

Wearing socks is important to protect your feet from the cold and also for physical activities where you need cushioning and support. For this reason, select the most appropriate socks for the type of sport you practice.

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