Sacrificing style in the winter season is not an option for fashion girls. There are always outfits for every time and occasion. That's why we've now compiled a list of winter accessories for you to see some of this year's trends. It is not necessary to fill your closet with all these complements, but it is important that you know how to choose with which you will complete the outfit with which you will resist the fashion the cold of the season.


Tell me, can you imagine your delicate hands without good gloves in winter? Can you not? Bearing low temperatures without them is like going unarmed to war. They are essential to fight the cold. So, my dear, if you are undecided, I have to tell you that this option is non-negotiable. Besides, you have no excuse, you can find them in various colors and fabrics.

They are usually made of two or more materials that complement each other to help prevent thermal energy from escaping from your body. If you think about it better, with the acquisition of good winter gloves you would kill two birds with one stone: you will protect yourself from the cold with style.

Thermal socks

You can't deny that this is one of the most underrated garments in the closet, but I want you to know that, like gloves, in winter they are your best allies to resist the inclemency of the weather.

Don't think of them as a rustic attire without the style of men, nowadays there is a variety of thermal socks for very sophisticated women. These usually have a slightly shorter and wider rod to provide more comfort to the female leg, which has a shorter and fuller shape.


Would you dare to deny that hats are a fantastic complement that enhances your look? If so, I assure you that they offer elegance and distinction, as well as protecting you from the weather and environmental factors. Winter is no excuse to let you down and give up elegance. In the market you have an endless number of styles so that you can include this wonderful outfit in your wardrobe. Among the most popular styles are the Confetti Gray hats, special for the cold season and designed with a pompom at the top, and Los Windproof, a high protection outfit for those snowy days.

Oversize Scarf

Who of us doesn't love to wear this magnificent accessory around our necks and show off on the streets and avenues just like in a fashion catwalk of the most prestigious brands? It doesn't matter if they have a hood, if they're thick knit and embroidered, if they're blanket type or infinity style, if they're smooth, multicolored, with fringes, synthetic hair, tartan or shiny, they're all wonderful! and you'll be warm without sacrificing elegance. This winter oversize scarves will dominate the fashion scene and I assure you that they will be a formidable complement to your outfit.


The advantage of sunglasses is that you can use them at any time, but in winter they play a very important role for your visual protection, especially if you plan to go on vacation to a cold place or have fun with your friends to a skating rink, because at this time there is less shade and the sun's rays reflected on the ice or snow wreak havoc on your visual health.

Therefore, wearing sunglasses in winter is no banality. You can choose between winter sunglasses with UV protection, polarized sunglasses, anti-reflective sunglasses or photochromic sunglasses they're all very chic!

Winter boots

Winter boots are undoubtedly the star complements for this season; they are the protagonists during the coldest months. It doesn't matter if they're the mythical military boots, the high heels, the medium cowboy, the musketeers, the raincoats, the synthetic leather boots, the fleece lined boots, the leather boots or the rubber boots; if you hit a pair that fits your style, you'll protect yourself from the cold like a celebrity and I guarantee you won't go unnoticed wherever you go. This year's best-selling brands include Holly, Kemosen and Mine Tom.


We all love sweaters. They're classics. In addition to being comfortable, they are cute and combine with any complement of your look, and best of all is that you can take them anywhere. This winter season is the perfect excuse to renew your wardrobe and give this wonderful outfit the place it deserves. The trend of this 2019 are sweaters in oversize key, gooseneck and open sack version.


What can I tell you about this wonderful outfit? There are so many beautiful styles for every occasion that most of the time we don't know which one to choose. However, as winter is knocking on your door, I recommend that you choose one, or as many as you want! to protect you from the cold. Believe me, you'll need it. Among the most popular ones and those that are being trendy in 2019 are the fur hooded coat, the jacket with a wrap-around collar or with lung padding, jacket with a folding hood, long coat with a synthetic hood or a fleece lining coat. They're fantastic.


There are imported plush, woven with embroidered designs, polyester with terry cloth, wool or diadem type. All a wide variety for you to choose according to your taste and you can complement your winter look as a girl who, despite the extreme weather conditions, is always fashionable.

Thermal masks

And last but not least, the thermal mask. It is possible that you think that they are not necessary or that they subtract elegance and distinction to your winter set. But when the snowstorms come and the arctic cold hits, my dear, one exception must be made: you don't want to harm your delicate face, do you?

Now you have a list to choose from among all these wonderful accessories to complete your winter outfit and not stop looking like a real fashion girl.