• Seeing the first snowflakes of the year fall is the signal that warns us of a total change in our wardrobe. With the arrival of winter, and therefore of low temperatures, we must be more careful with the clothes we wear, especially not to forget to take care of our feet, that important part of th... View Post
  • Christmas is approaching, a special time to enjoy with the family, and if there's something you can't miss at Christmas, it's the presents! At this point in the year, you're probably looking for the perfect gift to share with the people you love the most, who are part of your life and are with yo... View Post
  • The winter season is just around the corner and extreme weather will be our daily bread. As you know, in winter there are usually very low temperatures and, even if we don't notice it, an enormous amount of cold enters our body through our feet. Although socks are the most undervalued garment of ... View Post