Seeing the first snowflakes of the year fall is the signal that warns us of a total change in our wardrobe. With the arrival of winter, and therefore of low temperatures, we must be more careful with the clothes we wear, especially not to forget to take care of our feet, that important part of the body that for ancient Greece was a symbol of beauty.

Have you ever wondered why limbs are the parts of the body most sensitive to cold? The answer has to do with our survival instinct. When we experience a lot of cold, our muscles and jaws shake to generate heat. That action results from stimulation of the hypothalamus to maintain stable levels of functioning of the body's vital organs.

In the effort to maintain heat in the rib cage, the hypothalamus sacrifices the extremities if necessary, keeping the blood warm in the torso and restricting the blood supply to the hands and feet. As if that weren't enough, the skin covering the feet is filled with blood vessels that allow for direct exchange of cold and heat.

If you don't warm your feet well during the winter, extreme cold can cause you to lose a pair of toes because skin tissues freeze and break, so it's best to have winter accessories such as slippers socks. If you want to know what your winter socks should look like, this article is for you.

A good material

Slippers socks are just as important as any of the other winter garments because they will help you keep warm.

One of the most appreciated materials in the production of slippers socks is wool (either natural or synthetic), as it keeps the heat but does not stimulate sweating, so you will always have feet warm and free of moisture. This material is flexible and resistant, so you don't have to worry about the wear of your slipper socks.


There are several factors related to your slipper socks that can make your feet feel uncomfortable, for example, the poor quality of the materials they are made of, they lack padding, they are very small and restrict the movement of your feet or they are too big and slide down your calf.

Modern design

If there's one thing we can't put aside even in winter, it's the good look. Fortunately, today's fashion industry has done what it takes to make winter an ideal time to wear stylish garments too, and that includes slippers socks.

In the fashion stores that specialize in winter accessories you can find all kinds of designs of slippers socks, for example, you can find winter socks with pompoms, with all kinds of fabrics and in a variety of colors, with Christmas motifs, cartoons, among others. Definitely, there is the ideal pair of slippers socks for each personality.

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